My Diet Journey 2/28/13

Welcome to the first post of my diet journey!  Two things happened that sent me on the search to join Reformation Body Solutions in Los Gatos for Ideal Protein.

First, I was traveling to New England over the holidays.  While there, I met up with an old friend.  She looked fantastic! I quizzed her about what she had done.  She had recently lost 30 lbs on Ideal Protein!  Of course, I asked all about the program.  It was quite inspiring to see her success!

Next, I got together with some friends after the new year, and was asked what my New Years resolutions were for 2013.  I said “eh, I guess I don’t have any”.  And then my friend reminded me that last year I had a very clear plan for getting to my goal weight.  Oh yeah, I thought.  As the year progressed, I realized I wasn’t going to make it by the date I had set in my mind.  I was half-heartedly trying, but with little success. And I had forgotten all about my 2012 goal.  This reminder, along with seeing my friends success, was enough for me to start looking for an Ideal Protein clinic that I could join.  And that I did!  

I’ve been doing Ideal Protein now for 6 weeks.  And like everyone else, I had tried every diet around.  Some with more success than others – but for the last 15 years or so, I haven’t been able to get to my goal.  There are a few things that I really like about Ideal Protein…  I like that I don’t have to attend group meetings, instead getting one on one coaching.  I like that you see results quickly, a real motivator.  I like the variety.  I can have cereal, pancakes or an omelet for breakfast (all IP choices).  I like that my social life can go on – I can go out to dinner and have steak/chicken/fish/something delicious (with extra veggies rather than potato/rice) without calling too much attention to myself.  I just feel like one of the “normal” people!  And I really like the fact that I’m not hungry!  Yes, it’s fewer calories, but higher quality food, so by some miracle, I’m rarely hungry and that makes it a lot easier to stay on plan!

Over the next several weeks, I hope to share my successes and challenges, recipes that I’ve tried and liked (or didn’t!) and any helpful tips I’ve picked up from scouring various IP sites that may be able to help you in your journey as well.  Good Luck to all of us!Image

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