Negative Comments from the People we Love

I haven’t seen some of my relatives since I started Ideal Protein.  They immediately noticed my weight loss, and gave me some great compliments.  That was all fantastic!  But then when they asked what I was doing, and I told them, I heard some negative remarks, which really surprised me.  “Oh, I hear ketosis is bad for you” “Everyone at work who lost weight on that diet gained it all back” etc.  I’m sure you’ve heard these too.  So – I tried to do a little explaining about ketosis vs ketoacidosis which I have read about on other sites.  Then I explained how there are 4 phases to the diet etc.  I think once they saw that I could eat fairly “normal” meals on this diet, they had a much better understanding.  And towards they end of our visit, they were much more supportive.  It’s a challenge to be doing something different than the rest of the world, but as I reminded them, this strict phase is only temporary and soon, I will be able to eat fruit again!

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