Back on Phase I after Surgery

My first week back on the plan after my surgery was a big success.  In fact, I lost the most I have since week 1 of the program.  I have to attribute this to the depletion of glycogen stores that I had probably replenished while off program during my recovery (see?  we do learn a lot from those videos!).  I’m certainly no expert though, so whatever it was, I’m happy!  While that loss (5.3lbs) was fantastic for me (my average is about 2lbs/wk), I’m back to reality now.  I track my losses in a spreadsheet, and had set out a goal of 2lb/week from the start so I could estimate how long this “journey” would be.  Turns out that I am ahead of plan!  Wow!  That’s never happened to me before.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve tried many diet plans and I’ve always tried this spreadsheet method for tracking.  But, I’ve never outpaced my plan!  Very happy about this!  According to my plan, I’m still on track to meet my goal by the end of September.  That will be fantastic!  I can’t say enough about this program.  I don’t feel it’s as hard as others I’ve tried.  And the results are certainly there!

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