Weekend Away

Just came back from Austin, Texas where I went for the long weekend.  I had never been before.  Cool place.  A lot to do and see.   Plenty of live music and a lot of people out to see it all!  The good news is that the friend that I met in Texas is the one who initially introduced me to Ideal Protein, so it helps to travel with someone who understands what you are trying to do and is managing their weight the same way.  The bad news is that even the best laid plans are sometimes put to the challenge when you are no longer in control of your food supply!  The hotel breakfast the first day had scrambled eggs available – great!  the second days offerings were much more carb heavy, which made things a bit more challenging.  For me the goal was just to make the best choices possible every time I was at a meal and to make requests like “no bun” on the lunchtime burger, no bread at the table etc.  Hopefully, it was enough!

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