Time to ReGroup

I feel like I’ve been off of my game for a while, and as a result, my weight loss has slowed to a crawl if not stopped.  I posted about this a while back too.  I was able to regroup from that “incident” and make some good progress.  It’s time for me to take stock, again, and just get going.  My plan was to be at goal and into Phase II by the end of September.  But I can see that slipping away from me.  I really can’t let that happen.

Here is my plan:

1. Go back to weighing and measuring all food.  It’s possible my ability to eyeball portions is a little off!

2. Really watch the olive oil on the salad – measure first!

3. Ensure that I only have one restricted per day – not one restricted and one bite of another restricted.  If I want to eat a snack two times per day, cut the one restricted in half.

If I can do these things, I expect to start seeing better results on the scale!

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