29 Weeks – Down 46 Pounds!

This really is a diet journey –  with some good stops and some not so good stops along the way.  I have been doing Ideal Protein for 29 weeks now and have lost 46 pounds.  46 lbs is a lot! And I’m very happy about the progress I have made.  It may have taken me longer than other people to do this, and maybe I should already be at my goal, but it’s ok for me.  I haven’t always been 100% compliant, and I’ve certainly made trade-offs that have slowed my losses, but I am continuing to lose pretty much each week.  And that is good.  I’m still losing more than I have on other programs! I am 23 pounds away from my goal.  I think this is doable, and if I were to be 100% compliant, I’m sure I could do it pretty quickly.  My goal is to stick to the plan strictly for the next week and see if I can get the momentum going again.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was trying to lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks.  Now, I have 8.1 lbs to lose in 4 weeks.  Still a strong possibility!

This is called a “journey” for a reason.  I believe I’m learning something when I’m really on track, and I’m even learning something when I take leeways in my choices.  Hopefully, all of this will help me manage the balance in maintenance.

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