Still in the rythm

I had another good week this week and love the feeling of the momentum.  It wasn’t easy, though.

It was one of those weeks when being a girl isn’t awesome.  I spent a lot of time fantasizing about grilled cheese sandwiches, taquitos, and funfetti frosting.  Plain grilled chicken is not delicious when you want taquitos and frosting.  I stuck it out, though, and am super happy I did.

Keeping up the momentum, I went to my mom and stepdad’s house for dinner.  They are so supportive it’s silly.  I think they celebrate every fraction of a pound lost more than I do, check with me to make sure every part of the meal is IP friendly, and stock the fridge with Pelegrino…basically they spoil me rotten.  You can imagine them like the SNL Spartan Cheerleaders.

In looking forward I have two big events coming up that are helping me keep my eyes on the smaller size jeans.  Coming up first, in two weeks I get to see my best friend.  He moved to Paraguay a few days after Christmas and is an honorary Spartan Cheerleader.  I miss him every single day and I am excited to see him weighing more than thirty pounds less than the last time I saw him as I know he only cares about me being healthy and happy and will be happy to see me happy.  Part of that is that I am excited to go to an outdoor party in the heat and not trying to hide.

The second thing keeping me laser focused is I am going to New York for a long weekend.  I will see two friends there that I haven’t seen since I was at my heaviest and trying to have fun despite being super unhappy and beyond self conscious.  I am looking forward to being more carefree in a city I love with more friends I haven’t seen in ages.

As an update to a few weeks ago, the friend that considers me her DUFF.  Well, I ran into her and her boyfriend, who she has basically neutered.  I ran into them the other day, seeing him first, he gave me a big hug and told me I was looking great (I have not seen him since starting IP).  That was really nice.  What made it probably the highlight of my week, was seeing her shoot him the rage filled death stare when he said that.  It gave me an unnatural amount of satisfaction seeing her being upset about her bf complimenting me!

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