Note to self

Dear Me,

I know today was a challenging day! Good for you for facing it, prioritizing what could be done, and tackling it in small chunks! You did great!

Now, about the emotional eating. I know that the piece of (insert tempting food of choice today) is talking to you. I know it is trying to lull you in with it’s sweet disposition, and ability to wipe away whatever it needs to for 5 seconds.

Breathe! It isn’t true. That sugary thing is actually trying to hurt you. It’s trying to get inside and warp your senses. It’s offering to control everything by slowing you down, messing with your blood, and one bite is never enough. Is that 5 seconds really worth it?

Choose wisely. You could take a walk, write a breakup letter to that sugar monster. You can feel the power within yourself by simply saying no thank you!

Remember that victory? When you worked your ass off on phase 1, and said gone forever! Remember how hard you fought and WON to get to goal! Remember how good it felt to finally buy new shorts only to discover you had gone from an 18 to a 4. Remember wanting to hug everyone because you couldn’t contain the pride!!!! That feeling… It doesn’t come from the carb monster.

You are worth the right choice. So what will it be? 5 seconds of instant gratification followed by another bout of guilt, or holding your head up as you look in the mirror and smile because you chose wisely?

Good girl, I am proud of you!
Love ME!image

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