Why plan?

I had a great question today. How do you prep? The easiest way to start is to write out meals you like to make, and that your family will eat. Think about easy reachable snacks to have on hand for when the “I am starving” moments hit. Because they will!!!!

IP makes a ton of ready to grab food…& you buy them for the week..so you are already planning!

Arrange the meals you’ve chosen so that you aren’t eating the same type of dish every night. For example spaghetti and zucchini tonight, chili tomorrow. I try to do beef twice a week and chicken most nights, but I never make ground meat two nights in a row.

Think about lunch, and what you want on your salads. I prep four salads on Sunday and three more on Wednesday for grab and go lunches..

I cook most of my meat on Sunday to make prep easy during the week. I roast chicken for salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and soups. I make ground beef in big batches for spaghetti, chili, soup, and casseroles.
I prepare rolls for sandwiches, muffins for breakfast, coffee for early morning shakes, and desserts for my sweet tooth (pudding, cupcakes and cookies.).

My menu plan is posted for those living in my house. They are learning to eat what’s on the menu. I have veggies sliced for snacks.

Morning routine is to throw breakfast and lunches into lunch bag… Saves me 30 minutes of not having to chop and prep EVERY morning!

I come home from work and don’t have to wonder what I am making or if I have the ingredients. Dinner is on the table within 30 minutes. I am not running to the store daily. My food expense was $300 a week, and I am now down to $200!!!! All because I am not guessing at what to make.

I call that a win!!!!

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