Every day is a winding road…Week 5

32 days down, 21 pounds lost, and over 100 cups of vegetables consumed, and I must admit that I am feeling completely different. Hi, I’m Laura, and I really love bread, but my body doesn’t. I was finding myself feeling bloated and sluggish quite often, not to mention the 75 or so extra pounds I was sporting around. I have struggled much of my life to remain healthy and find a program that has worked. I have yo-yoed up and down, but finding something sustainable is the hard part. I have tracked calories in the past with much success, although as soon as I stopped tracking, the pounds began to creep back on.

So, a little over a month ago, and right before New Years, I discussed with my fiancé, a techie by day/baker by hobby, the possibility of starting this program together and we did. It has been a slight adjustment and a test of wills at times; hosting a baby shower and another party at restaurants on Day 4 was challenging to say the least.

What I have figured out thus far:

  1. Have one day a week that is your prep day (I chose Sunday): Chop or grind your veggies and place them in Ziplock bags for easy division later to save yourself some time on those evenings when you want to eat dinner quickly.
  2. Records everything!-Tracking in myfitnesspal every day is helping me see the trend of the nutrients I am consuming and takes less than 5 minutes a day to do!
  3. Water is your friend-In those moments I feel hungry between meal/snack times, having some water helps me take the edge off.
  4. More to come!

Looking forward to enjoying and sharing the journey with each of you! Every day we get a little bit closer….


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