Ready. Aim….

In the effort to be accountable, I have been documenting my struggle and triumphs. You know I am fighting hard, and a large part of my battle are my own demons.

Today I went in for my first weigh in back at phase 1. My goal weight is 158, but I had gone down to 145 in phase 1 before. I did fabulous until I let stress and depression make choices. I lost 3.2 pounds in the last 10 days… To some this would be “slow”… To me it’s a triumph of epic proportions!
This means I am back in the driver seat. That I am managing my stress! This is a huge victory for me!
Oh yeah, take another look… I have been lifting light weights (love ya Megan, so grateful for you!) and walking, so I gained a bit of muscle… Yeah Baby, that is a loss of 5.5 pounds of fat!!! One of those big ugly mounds you see at the doctors!!!!
Aiming to get back to 145!! Stand back, I’ve got this!!!!



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