I know squat(s)

I was on a modified workout for the two weeks I did phase 1 as a reboot. Got things straight in my head.

Have phased back off. Yesterday I posted about a typical day for me. I am now trying to step back into exercise, and I am receiving amazing coaching from Megan Slader. She knows the IP protocol and provides exercises designed for the phase you are in.

I am a go for broke kinda gal… And burn out easily because of it. This is apparently not how you ease back into exercise! (See Megan, I am listening.)

Today was my first day pushing a bit harder… Holy Moley!!!! I feel fantastic, but my muscles are waking up after a peaceful slumber… No joke, we did 175 sit-ups in combination with a LOT of lunges, planks, and squats. And not “diddly squats”. 60 fun filled minutes of blasting music and great people who are encouraging each other.

Today I pushed my envelope. It feels AMAZING!!!!

Thank goodness I packed my lunch last night… Easier to make smart choices when you are tired if the choice is ready to go!


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