Blog instead of binge

While I have had a really good weekend, there were a few stressful moments.

About an hour ago I was with my dog at the park when she was injured.  The vet couldn’t see her so we came home, a friend did some research and we successful patched her up.  The vet has called and we have an appointment to see him in the am, but he was impressed with what we were able to do.

Now I am sitting alone, the dog is sleeping, and the shakey feeling after the adrenaline rush has started.

This is when my normal pattern would be to eat everything in site.  Two things are helping: First:  I don’t have crap in my house readily available.  The second is asking myself if I will feel better 2-5 hours AFTER.  So instead of making a trip to the store, I am here… Blogging… So I guess that is three things that help!

My girl is now resting, I am blogging… And it’s going to be OK!

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