A challenge to inspire

3:30pm, every day like clock work… It’s the end of my work day. I start to lag… A lot.

Today was no different. This is the time that is the hardest for me to make smart choices. I am tired. I am grumpy. The “I want . . .” take over.

Today I gave myself a challenge, and I would love to have your feedback if this works for you.

Today I made myself leave the building and go look for the unexpected. I was looking for inspiration and found it in spades!

I found a Jacaranda tree… They don’t bloom for long, but are stunning! Put that against the vibrant blue sky and the presence of the coming storm clouds… I captured my day in a vivid embrace. A storm brewing and the weekend shining like a vibrant window of the beauty it can hold.


So I challenge you, take a walk, take your phone… Don’t let the blahs derail you. Go find inspiration!

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