Tune up vs reset

Spent the weekend not paying a whole lot of attention to what I was eating.  Didn’t log, didn’t plan, didn’t think… and today… Yep… Time for a little repair work.

I weighed 163 this morning, and that isn’t where I really want to stay, and I am not so sure how I really feel about the goal weight of 158.  You see, I did get down under 150 before I phased off… I was able to hold between 148 and 153 for 7 months, and at Christmas I went back to my original goal of 158… and let myself creep up… and typically I am 158 – 160…

I am doing a lot of thinking about this challenge.  I do great for 5 days, and then something comes up, and I fall into the “it’s just easier”…. And then 24 (or 48 hours in some cases) reality sets in… and sometimes (like today) the truth physically hurts.  My stomach is swollen, my feet are swollen, and my body hurts.  The fact is, that my body is clearly talking to me, and I need to listen.

Many folks in phase 1 ask why in maintenance you see people going back on phase 1.  Typically, a quick tune up is enough.  Normally a weekend could be counteracted with a day or two of phase one, and then right back at it.  Sometimes it calls for a full reset.  For me, that choice is based on what is going on in my head and in my weight.

If my weight is up a little, and it’s because I haven’t been working out, or sleeping well, or just made a few choices… then a simple reset is the path.  If, like today, it’s because my body is talking, and I am not listening.  I stopped logging, I stopped paying attention, and I let my old habits take center stage… It’s time for some stronger intervention.

Today I reset.  I need to go back on Phase 1 and give my poor lymphatic system a rest.  I need to log my food, be accountable, and show myself the right path.

I don’t have much to lose, but this is more about reminding myself the correct eating habits, and planning habits, and the direction that leads to a happy and healthy life for me.

I am setting my sites on 149.  I know it will take about 5 weeks, but I am not going to stress over how long it takes, nor am I stressing on the number.  I will keep a close eye on the body fat percentage, with 24% being my goal.

Time to take control, and for me that means going back to basics.

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