When expectations and reality differ

I began the weight loss journey like every one else… So excited, nervous, intimidated…. People’s results, particularly the first few weeks, were inspiring. I couldn’t wait.

I followed protocol, I suffered the headaches of day 4… The exhaustion, and the keto flu… And I lost 3 pounds… I remember thinking…. Wait… These people are loosing 6-10 pounds… Not fair.
I was ready to quit… But I didn’t. The next week… I lost 2 pounds… I must be a slow starter… Week 3…1.5 pounds…. As a matter of fact, in the first month I didn’t loose 10 pounds….

I think we get so wrapped in what everyone else does that we loose site of our own journey. We compare and determine if we measure up based on someone else. That isn’t going to work for me anymore. I am not everyone else, and I lost weight…

We need to start reframing our minds. Healthy competition has its place… But you must focus on what works for you. I am not in a race with any other person. I am not rushing to a finish line… This is my journey, and I am happy to tell my story… And if it helps you write your own story… Fantastic… But don’t stress if your journey isn’t a sprint to the finish line…. Because if you are comparing yourself to others, your expectations may not match reality… And that is hard to manage.

3 responses to “When expectations and reality differ”

  1. I completely relate to what you just wrote! Reading and seeing (pictures) of others’ IP weight loss can being encouraging for me as well as frustrating. I have to keep in mind that I WILL lose the weight, but just not as fast as other women.

  2. Even though I don’t normally leave a reply, I do want you to know that I hope you continue with this blog because I find it very inspiring. Rest assured that your words ARE being read by someone every day that you post.

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