Tough days and NSV

Today is one of those days where I am tired and a tad bit cranky. I just don’t want to…. Anything. Days like this where everything feels… Well… TOUGH.

Fortunately I did my prep for the week yesterday so food choices are not an issue… Now I just have to convince myself to make the healthy choices.

I am reminding myself of how bad I feel AFTER I indulge too much. How much my body hurt when I weighed 70 pounds more. How cute my clothes are now. How awesome it feels to try on clothes at the store… And not be in the extended or plus department. How I can ride a bike, walk the dog, and go on adventures. How I no longer need a seatbelt extender in an airplane. How my blood pressure is actually normal without meds! How I have actually rejoined family and friends in pictures.

Ahhhh… So many healthy benefits… And just listing them has helped fight off the brain wanting to quit.  I win!!!!

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