Body Positive Exercise

As we go through the process of the Ideal Protein phases, weight loss is a natural result, but the way we view ourselves is also part of the process. Body Dysmorphia, or the distorted view of how we see ourselves, is common when weight loss can occur. While I will spend more time focusing on that topic in a different blog, today is an exercise surrounding positive self image. I presented this exercise for an upcoming Body Positivity therapy group I will be facilitating.


A piece of paper

colored pencils


Draw a picture of yourself  (can be a stick figure) and write a minimum of 5 attributes you like about yourself. They could be your thick hair, big eyes, nice butt etc. If you have more than 5 things to write, keep writing until you feel complete.

The point of this exercise is to appreciate aspects of ourself. In society, it is looked down on to think about the aspects we like about ourselves; this exercise is a way to take that back and truly appreciate facets of ourselves. Let me know what you think and how this worked for you 🙂

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