Looking in the rear view mirror

Do you ever stop and just think about how far you have come? Today is one of those days. Not sure what prompted it, but I was sitting at my desk and boom… Hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was remembering what it felt like to hurt to get out of bed, how sad and isolated I felt. I remember sneaking food so no one would know how much I am ate… And showing up at the gym, just to meet up with a friend to go to breakfast.

All this hit me as I pulled out my blender (have a ninja bullet at work that a friend gave me as a way to support my efforts) and I made my IP chocolate drink mix with ice, water, and peppermint extract… Because I am prepared… Who the heck am I?????

So much has changed… My choices, my attitude, my clothes, my relationships, my world… And I am very grateful!!!!

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