Tenacious Tuesday

Last day of my “summer vacation”. I had 5 of the last 6 days off… And have been in non stop motion. Today is my rest day.

Yeah right! Up at 5:30am to prep for the day, walk the dog 2 miles, get some much needed laundry done, and clean the house before the family wakes!

Normally I only cook for my hubby and I, and we are both doing IP… Today I have 2 teenagers and a 9 year old. One is in training so we have a regimented diet, 1 is a picky eater, and 1 will eat every piece of fruit he can find. So, I have things in my house that aren’t typically here… And it’s a challenge!!!!

My plan for today is to take them for an outing… Bring them home to swim… And begin packing their food up and prepping to send it home with them!!! Today is no temptation is to strong Tuesday!!! Watch me win!!!!

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