Beating the blues

Have you ever met someone who appears perfectly content ALL THE TIME? I have a neighbor who is always happy.

Lately I have been fighting negativity on several fronts. This morning, while I was walking, I ran into George… I stopped and chatted with him. Per usual he was smiling, and enjoying life. George is in his late 80s. I asked what his secret was to a long happy life.

He said, get enough sleep and don’t let anything get overwhelming. Then you can smile and see the bright and funny in everything. When you can do that, turn up the smile and laugh a lot. It feels good.

When I get too tired, I get easily overwhelmed. When I am overwhelmed I am paralyzed. When I get to that point, I eat crap and stop taking care of myself physically and emotionally.

It’s that battle of the blues…

Today I stopped and paid attention to the sun shining, the happy sounds of birds singing. I could smell the flowers and fresh cut grass. I came home and made a delicious IP cocoa. (IP chocolate drink mix, 1 cup of coffee, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper to taste.)

I am talking a step back from the hustle and bustle to love and appreciate the gifts in my life. Good health is the top of that list.

The best way to battle the blues? Find something that makes you happy… Nothing too fancy… Keep it simple and focus on it. Happy begets happy… It will build from there!

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