What does maintenance mean?

What does maintenance mean?

I can not be the only one! My whole dieting life (and we are talking 45+ years of expectations here) I couldn’t wait to hit goal and be able to eat anything and everything I want.

For those who are in phase 1. Yes, you will indeed be able to eat whatever you want… But, it comes with a price tag if you want to maintain. So take the time and learn your body now. Find your triggers… Learn your tools. This works!!!

I can, occasionally, have a wonderful decadent treat… But it requires focus, dedication, exercise, and planning to counteract it. (Seriously it had better be worth it!)

I get a lot of friends who see me eat healthy and they get concerned that I am still trying to loose more… No, I am maintaining. But it’s a balancing act to stay where I am!!!

I have been in maintenance since April 2015… And I feel fantastic. Up this morning at 5am to do 90 minutes of Bikram yoga… Because I can!!!!

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