Thank you for being here

So what have I learned: there are many indications of thyroid going kaput that don’t feel like they should be related.

I have had every one of these and never would have thought “oh, it’s my thyroid”:
-leg cramps
-rapid weight gain
-loss of energy
-craving sweets
-craving caffeine
-hair loss (WTH… By the fist full!)
-skin extra dry
-brain fog(memory issues)
-puffy face
-angry or moody
-sensitivity to cold temperatures

Under doctors orders I am back on phase 1… Gluten free… I have to work a slightly alternative plan because I have to do cardio… So this is something you work out with your coach.

I have put on 12 pounds in 2 weeks and all of it is in my abdomen… This is what I mean by rapid weight gain…

I know that the hormones are going to make this a battle… I also know I don’t care how slow it goes… As long as the scale isn’t going UP!!!!

Having something hit you like this can be derailing… And it sucks… But there is no need to stay derailed… You can work through it.

I have been sent messages from people who read my story, and they thank me for giving this issue a voice… If you are someone who reached out… Thank you. Your kindness has been a beacon of light that I was desperately needing!!!! I know I am not alone battling this, and I am grateful to those who let me know we stand together!

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