Living and Eating at the Sports Field

This is the view of my life most nights and weekends right now . . .

IMG_0924With two girls playing ball on two different teams all while chasing a 3 year old to and from the playground, trying to eat well was on the back burner.  I would either forget to bring something to the field (longing for the snack shack, but not caving in) or waiting till I got home at close to 8 to fend for myself.  I was exhausted and OH SO GRUMPY from being too hungry.  I finally decided I needed to make myself a priority in order to stay on track and be successful.

For my ballpark meals whether dinner/lunch or snack, I generally eat a leftover of something I made the night before (soup, crack slaw, or chicken already prepacked ready to go), or I eat either of these . . .

I LOVE the premade smoothies with some ice and spinach. I have learned that I am much more successful and quick in making my smoothies if I pre-measure out the spinach when I buy my entire container of spinach.  Each baggy gets a cup of spinach and then I divide the baggies into ones to use fresh and ones to freeze for smoothies (I reuse the plastic baggies so I am not too wasteful).  The smoothie is great to drink in the car or once the game starts.

Another great option for a quick grab and go meal is the sweet and spicy trail mix.  Love that I don’t even have to think about it, I just grab it and head out.  thumbnail_image1I try to have some precut and pre-measured veggies, but that isn’t always the case.  A bell pepper is a great quick option being that you can eat it similar to an apple. I also enjoy jicama, celery and hard boiled eggs.

It isn’t easy being so busy, but the kids love the game and so do I. I also love losing weight and feeling healthy.  Finding the balance between it all is what is most important in being successful.

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