Sugar Addiction: Breaking the Cycle

*Interview with Susan Radway

Have you ever felt poorly, had low energy, brain fog, moody, weight gain, headaches, gassy and bloated? These are just some of the symptoms of sugar addiction.

Have you had an issue with sugar and felt you were addicted to it?

  • Some sugar is obvious…Drawer full of candy, candy stashed in cupboards, baked goods
  • Other sugars are not so obvious…A lot of foods contained sugar that is unrecognizable

Sugar addiction is huge, does it ever go away?

  • It’s all up to us individually. If you eat sugar, you will crave it.
  • If you take it away, you will not have a taste for it as much.
  • Stop looking for the magic pill; the power is in you and up to you to give sugar up.
  • Come clean with you and your habits. You WILL go back to whom you were if you don’t make changes. Stay mindful.

How do I recognize sugar in foods that aren’t typical sugar foods?

  • We mistakenly identify sugar as only things like candy, baked goods, etc
  • But sugar is in things like crackers, chips, etc, we just aren’t aware of it. Naked Juice is notorious for looking healthy but is loaded with sugar.
  • Be mindful, read labels.
  • Stay away from alcohol, it has a lot of sugar.
  • If you feel gassy/bloated, your body is telling you that something isn’t agreeing.

How do we change our sugar addiction habits?

  • Essential oils can be added to water to add flavor.
  • Fiber is very important to have in your diet and it will cut your cravings.
  • Real sauerkraut will help curb the cravings as well.

What are the keys to maintaining good health?

  • On Protocol- you have a perfect outline of what you are suppose to do. Omega3 helps with the sugar craving. Stay on track and you will do fine.
  • On Maintenance- you have to be in tune and there is no end date. You have to stay on the right path.
    • You need to eat good quality food and fats.
    • If you are filling yourselves with good things, your body doesn’t really crave. Remember that you are feeding your tissues and cells.
    • Sugar is as bad as cocaine. Once you let it in, you WILL crave it.
    • Take away the sugar temptations.
    • What you think and what you say will become what you believe.

How do you help someone who is truly addicted to sugar?

  • Don’t try to do too much at one time.
  • Get into the program and begin the detox process.
  • If you are a diet soda drinker, try to drink only one a day or one every other day. Slowly wean yourself off of it.
  • Choose to get healthier. Try to keep sugar out of your diet. Know that if you do have sugar, it will retrigger your cravings.

Does the craving for sugar ever go away for good?

  • No it does not.
  • One thing to think about when phasing off of protocol, what will you replace that afternoon vanilla crispy square with?
  • Meal replacements are ok. If you like Ideal Protein and it works for you, it’s ok to keep using the bars and some of the products especially if it keeps you from eating other bad things.

Don’t give yourself permission to cheat on yourself. Nothing is worth cheating with and in the end you will only feel defeated and frustrated. You have to change the way you think and even sometimes your surroundings. You have to learn to say no.


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