Football Season Success

  • Plan ahead of time, know what you are going to eat.
  • Create tailgate food you can eat and share.
  • If not bringing food to share, bring things for yourself that will make you successful (IP snacks, pre cut veggies, drink supplements, etc).
  • There are a lot of recipes and resources available.  Ask your coach or look online.

Halloween Success

  • Don’t let the goblins (old habits) get you.
  • Buy candy you don’t like.
  • Buy candy as close to Halloween as possible.  If you must buy early, store it out of sight.
  • Throw away any leftovers.

Overall Success Tips

  • Keep in mind Phase 1 isn’t forever; there will be a day when you can have an indulgence, just not yet.
  • Your WHY needs to be bigger than your BUT. We can make a “but” in our life everyday, but we must STOP and focus on our WHY (the reason you want to lose the weight).
  • You have to find a new normal, a new balance. All of these tips and strategies have to transfer into your new normal. Develop lifestyle strategies for the stresses of life. Life happens and can’t be controlled. How we respond to life is the important part. Our old responses have to be replaced by new and healthy responses. If you always do what you have always done, you are not going to see change.


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