Ideal Protein – Tips for Holiday Success with Lisa Shaker-Knopp

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Tip #1: Make up your mind that this time/holiday season is going to be different. Bake different and cook different.

Tip #2: Your holiday can be isolated events that you can choose to participate in with moderation and with the intention that you are trying to heal your body. You are trying to be better and trying to change habits. Go into the New Year, being better and feeling better.

Tip #3: Bring your own healthy options to events. Don’t expect that the food you need is going to be available.

Tip #4: Arrive to an event/party with a full stomach. Fill up on protein and vegetables before you go to your event. Pack extra IP food in your purse or your car.

Tip #5: What you drink does count. Bring your own drinks to a party.

Tip #6: Failing to plan is also planning to fail. Be prepared before you go and make conscious choices. Look up restaurant menus before you arrive so you know what you can have or will have to ask to be modified. Bring your dressing with you.

Tip #7: Every day and every meal in December isn’t NOT a holiday. Be consistent and on protocol as much as possible.

Tip #8: Be kind to yourself.

Tip #9: Look at the big picture and remember your goal.

Tip #10: Weight-loss is a personal and often very difficult thing. Feed your mind with some positive podcasts or books.

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