Stay Hydrated & Choose a Healthy Alternative to Sugar-filled Energy and Electrolyte Drinks

Natural Energy & Mood

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for an energy boost to take on your daily tasks, improve overall performance, support athletic performance and say goodbye to constant fatigue. However, most hydration and energy products only provide short-lived energy with accompanying jitters and sugar-filled harsh crashes that do little to solve the problem.

We are inundated with a continuous marketing ploy filled with Sports drinks. Coffee. Energy drinks. Energy shots. Seems like we are a society obsessed with getting “the most out of life” … or at least making it through an afternoon without falling asleep.

Whether you need a jolt of caffeine in the morning to get your day started or a little help keeping that momentum going throughout the afternoon, more and more people are turning to energy drinks.

But, how can we enjoy the benefits of an energy drink without all the risks?


Coconut water powder is a terrific way to fuel your body with the electrolytes and minerals you need to keep going.

1) Ideal for vegans, coconut water powder hydrates naturally, without animal products or the by-products of animals.

2) Natural fruit sugars from coconuts provide a swift energy boost by replenishing glycogen stores.

3) A natural isotonic, coconut water powder naturally hydrates using essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals; potassium, sodium, calcium and vitamin C.

4) It can improve digestion and absorption of key nutrients – ideal for those who have to substitute their diets.

5) Potassium supports normal muscle function whilst Vitamin C works to boost immune function and energy.

6) It helps to increase the body’s metabolism and is virtually fat-free!

7) Keeps skin healthy and youthful-looking by preventing wrinkles and age spots.

8) It can stimulate hair growth and shine through the replenishment of key nutrients.

9) It’s easy to mix into shakes and smoothies.

10) Coconut water powder has a natural coconut flavor with no artificial flavorings or colorings.


Green tea is considered to have the highest polyphenol and therapeutic effects because it remains unoxidized during processing, where-as the other tea leaves are oxidised.

Green tea has consistently shown strong antioxidant activity and has antibacterial activity. The phytonutrients in green tea also inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines and improve tendon healing and inhibit cartilage and collagen degradation in athletes. Green tea is an excellent substitute for coffee drinkers.

So often athletes get a false sense of energy when they are pumped full of caffeine. Over the long term, this can set them up for adrenal fatigue, over training issues, nutrient depletion, dehydration and chronic injuries.  Green tea provides a great “pick me up” without flogging the adrenal glands.

Green tea offers many advantages to everyone, especially those suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. Consumption of green tea helps with overall oral health, ridding the body of fat tissue, loss of extra pounds, weight maintenance, fighting cancer and cancer prevention, promotion of the immune system and brain function, and overall quality of life. Green tea works on a holistic level to help our everyday function.


Apoptogenic herbs, also referred to as “adaptogens,” are defined as agents that support the body’s ability to accommodate varying physical and emotional stresses.

Currently people use caffeine for this same effect. People drink multiple cups of coffee each day to give them a lift when they get tired. Some people drink soda. However, these choices tend to end with a crash. Adaptogens are herbs that have been used for thousands of years in both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine where they are the basis of preventative approaches. These herbs are used to support one’s energy and better handle stress.

Adaptogens have been found to have several effects on the body, including:

  • neuroprotective elements
  • anti-fatigue properties
  • anti-depressive effects
  • stimulant for central nervous system

Oh, and they increase mental work capacity, enhance attention, and prevent stress and fatigue.

Korean Ginseng has been associated with diverse effects such as improvement of immunity, memory, and blood circulation, fatigue relief, antioxidation, and mitigation of menopausal symptoms. Study

Maca Root has been shown to provide sustained energy throughout the day without the jittery crash of caffeine, which can help you feel more awake so you’re able to focus on the things that matter. Maca has also been shown to help athletes maintain their energy. What does Maca root have to do with mood? By maintaining positive energy levels throughout the day, Maca may also help improve mood. It also has lots of nutrients, like vitamin C, copper, potassium, iron, and compounds called anthocyanins, which have been shown to be protective against certain chronic diseases.

Holy Basil has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants, this healing herb in the basil family helps balance cortisol levels and improve mood. Some research suggests it can be helpful in chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and stress.

What do we Recommend?

V3 is a comprehensive solution that addresses more than giving your body an immediate rush of energy.

V3 provides a more sustained source of healthy energy that will not leave your body in worse shape once it’s worn off. Bursting with all-natural flavors and sweeteners, this delicious drink focuses on providing a natural energy boost, increasing circulation and hydrating the body on a cellular level. Among other things, V3 contains:

  • Green tea extract — Containing naturally occurring caffeine, our Green Tea also includes chlorophyll and other natural energy enhancers (not to mention a vast array of antioxidants) all designed to deliver a smooth, sustained supply of energy throughout the day.
  • Apoptogenic Herbal Blend — Includes Korean Ginseng, Holy Basil, and Maca root, all with their own natural energy-enhancing properties. These have been shown to aid in cognitive function, assist the immune system, increase lung capacity (which means more oxygen in the body) and increase stamina.
  • Theobromine — This powerful vasodilator is designed to increase circulation and boost dopamine levels.
  • Freeze Dried Coconut Water — Very close in composition to human plasma, coconut water provides electrolytes and B Vitamins to provide natural hydration.

So now, you have a healthy alternative to the not-so-healthy energy drinks so prevalent in today’s market, one that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck when the effects wear off, but that will provide elements of solid nutrition your body actually needs. Get more info & order!

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