WOW! Incredible Energy with NMN


I was recently introduced to liposomal NMN as a way to improve my energy. I was surprised at how quickly my energy improved and has continued to improve daily.

Anytime I start a new supplement, I am always patient with the process. I always expect that it will take somewhere between 30 – 90 days to really see if it is benefiting me. Some things I’ve taken for years, because I read that they “should” work for a specific need, like inflammation. I took turmeric pills for years … only to never feel any benefit. Once I changed to a liposomal liquid, it was amazing to feel the reduction within days.

REVIVE NMN is designed to deliver the most potent dose of NMN via nanoscale liposomes to increase your body’s NAD+ levels..

When I started taking REVIVE liposomal NMN, I was surprised that in just 5 days I felt improved energy and within weeks I am hooked! Something I just can’t live without!!

NMN is a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is an essential coenzyme required for cellular functions. NAD+ is one of the most abundant molecules in the body, and it’s fundamental to the creation of energy.


Declining NAD+ levels are closely correlated with age-related diseases and the development of metabolic dysfunction.

Maintaining homeostasis is vital for the body to function properly, and it becomes more difficult as you age, especially in the later part of your life.

Numerous studies have shown benefit from interventions that restore NAD+

3 Pathways to Restore NAD+

Learn More About Liposomal Delivery

Liposomes are a revolutionary way of encapsulating active ingredients in a phospholipid “bubble” to protect and deliver them directly to the cells of your tissues, which are reached via the bloodstream. This allows for the ingredients to be absorbed and utilized rather than being destroyed in the stomach.

The aim of taking any supplement is to ensure its transport into the bloodstream. However, due to the low absorption and bioavailability rates of traditional oral capsules, active ingredients lose most of their potency while passing through the gastrointestinal tract or are simply not absorbed in the small intestine at all. The majority is excreted unused via the intestines or kidneys. 

Liposomal delivery offers a targeted and complete absorption of active ingredients with a delayed‑release effect, unlike all other nutrient delivery methods. This increased circulation time of key nutrients in the bloodstream significantly improves bioavailability. The higher the bioavailability of an active substance, the more effect it has on the body.

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