Scale Fail and Truly Amazing Friends.

So, for the first time on this journey I gained.  0.9 pounds.  I still lost fat, I gained in water and muscle.  Renee tried to coax me down from ledge by telling me that I can’t be tied to just the number on a scale, hat this is, in fact, a journey.  So, I spent another Saturday in tears.  Not cute tears, either.  We’re talking full-blown runny nose, can’t breathe, swollen and red faced blubbering.  Awesome.

I was scheduled to attend a dinner party with great friends Saturday night (with friends, an ex and his new adorable girlfriend–super awesome time to not be drinking).  I almost backed out at the last minute but managed to put on my big girl panties, pull myself together and became determined to have a good night with great friends.

I should back up and mention that I had not told any of these friends that I am on a protocol to lose weight.  They are all fabulous people, but I know they all have opinions and are not at all shy about sharing them.  This protocol is enough for me without having to explain and justify this particular program.  I’ve definitely shared with some friends who are not supportive, and that is really hurtful.  So, it was a big deal to me that on the Thursday prior to the party I reached out to the host of the dinner party (who is super healthy and a fellow chicken and broccoli lover) to ask him what was on the menu, because I am on a strict diet and wanted to be prepared so that I wouldn’t stray – whether that meant eating ahead of time, or offering to bring a salad.  He hadn’t decided yet, but at least would know why I wasn’t eating if it was not protocol friendly (I also had a shake and bar in my bag).

So on Saturday evening I managed to pull myself together, and thanked my lucky stars that I was having a great hair day.  I was mentally prepared for whatever challenges I was going to face and feeling confident (did I mention my hair was amazing?).  When a friend that I haven’t seen since mid-December opened the door his first words were “Where did half of you go?”  He was so shocked and happy for me.  I’ve never done drugs, but I imagine this is what a big-time high feels like.  Inside the party I could have cried to see a huge bowl of freshly steamed broccoli.  I saw what was on the stove and knew I would only be having broccoli for dinner (yay for a bag full of snacks!).  Then, the best thing EVER happened.  G, the host, pulled me to the oven to show me that he was also making gorgeous rosemary and lemon chicken breasts for me.  He wanted to support my journey.  Then it got even better!  When we all sat down to eat and a different friend proposed a toast that included mentioning how healthy I was looking and to keep it up.  This was the first time since I started IP that people have been really noticing the weight loss and it felt amazing.

So, even though I had a rough day on the scale, I ended up having my best day since starting this journey.  I feel silly now for underestimating how great my friends are, I was worried for nothing, as my friends are phenomenal people and it was just my own insecurities getting to me.

P.S.  I am sitting on my couch writing this wearing a dress that I bought last spring that was way too small…I was organizing my closet today and decided to try it on…it’s now too big!  Getting some use out of it before it goes to the Salvation Army.

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  1. Very sorry for how your day began, but am thrilled to read how it ended. I hope to meet G some day. Sounds like a wonderful person. Helluva job lady.

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