Variety is the spice of life

I have now been on this journey for a little under eight weeks and one of the things I have come to learn and appreciate is variety. For the first couple weeks I had my set routine; chocolate drink mix, vanilla crispy square, BBQ chips and chicken noodle soup. I also was eating broccoli and chicken pretty much exclusively, but then I began to grow bored. Bored of the same meals each day and I wanted to spice it up. I began to bake some of Janeva’s bread recipes and experiment with the mug cake or turnip fries and what I found was, I was enjoying trying different foods and having a variety to select from. The thing about the Ideal Protein weight loss plan  is that it works extremely well, but it is a journey and depending on how much we have to lose, we have many meals ahead of us in the future, so why not become creative and varied. It is about that journey and not the destination.

I am including a few photos of different meals I’ve made over the last few weeks to show the variety of options I am exploring 🙂

P.S. Janeva’s cookbook is amazing


Attached: 1.IP Chicken noodle soup with Squash noodlesIMG_6585-1.JPG2.Tilapia and Turnip friesIMG_6590.JPG

3. Janeva’s potato biscuits12705459_10102137937737498_5079781379215437877_n.jpg

4. Zucchini noodles with ground bison and “crack sauce.” IMG_6518.JPG

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