Traveling and Ideal Protein

I had my first trip last weekend since starting the Ideal Protein protocol in January. The trip was a 48 hour trip down to Los Angeles and I wanted to give it a trial run before next month’s trip to Pittsburgh for my bridal shower. I did all the necessary prepping (photo below); I had my packets for every meal/snack and an extra one just in case I changed my mind or mood, all my pills sub divided, and my shaker. Everything was going fine until I woke up the morning of my trip with a sore throat which was also a first for ideal protein. I followed the flow chart for what to do when you have a cold on the protocol and started my day. While I was able to stick with the program while traveling and dealing with my cold, I have to admit I feel much more at peace in my own home where I have control over all my factors. Even going out to eat having them follow my modifications, there were still slight errors (thanks mercury retrograde), but I was proud of myself for sticking to it diligently.

When I got home, stepped on the scale after being gone for for almost 72 hours I was the exact same weight as when I left. I am a glass half full type of person so I looked at this as a success. Between two plane rides, taking cold medicine pills, sugar free cough drops, and the stress of a big exam I was proud of the fact that I was able to maintain my weight through the weekend. Now that I am home, I am back to losing weight and I have strong ideas of how I’d like my next trip next month should go and I am prepared to face it! Planning is everything, but also realizing that some things are out of your control. Happy Hump Day!169d52ff9109b0b2f68f4b5891299a00.jpgIMG_7065.JPG

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