rising up

I want to show you this. I was in New York very shortly before 9/11/01. My friend actually sent this picture to me on 9/10/01. When I say that day changed my life, I mean it with every bit of passion I can muster. This girl is me… I weighed close to 300, had braces on my arms, could barely walk, and I was scared to death of my own shadow let alone heights!!! I almost didn’t Go up the stairs to go outside for this picture on top of The World Trade Center.

For most of my life, fear paralyzed me.  I remember the elevator ride up, and how they spoke of the protections in place because of previous attacks.  This photo was taken at 9am.

I went home, my friend sent the picture and I was sitting at home showing this to my then husband explaining the beauty and how proud I was of the fact that I had gone up and faced that fear… The next morning the towers were gone… And my fears intensified.

It took a year, and hell, but I woke up from that knowing I was forever changed.  Sure, I am still afraid.  Writing this blog is scary to me… But I do it… Because as scary as life can be… Living under a rock or in a shell of your own making is not living.  A little fear is healthy.

Don’t let anyone steel your joy and your ability to live… Even yourself!

Try something you have always wanted to try… I promise, you will be really happy you did!!!!  The view is incredible.image


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