I get by with a little help from Phase 1

Last weekend I indulged….badly. It was my bachelorette weekend and it was a gastro nightmare. Delicious cheese, wine, tequila shots, pizza…..the list goes on. I was having a hard time “going” and my stomach was in knots, not to mention that the scale was showing almost a 4 pound gain; I knew I had to do something. I wanted to feel better and refocus so I decided to do a modified Phase 1 for a week to reboot my system per say.

3 days down, 3 pounds gone, “going” normally, and above all else, I’m feeling better. That is the biggest piece for me is just feeling cleaner and more aligned with how I want to be eating. It is fun to indulge, but not something that can be done all the time. That is the piece that I am left with from this experiment. The maintenance dance 🙂

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