This isn’t a Diet…..its a lifestyle

I’ve never liked the word diet because it has the word DIE in it. To me a diet denotes something that is transient and that is not the way I wish to view my commitment to health. I have always struggled and yo-yoed with my weight throughout my lifetime. This program and IP lifestyle is the first program that has truly worked for me and stuck with me.

Last week, Andrew and I got married. We spent a week in Mexican Riviera paradise where we ate what we wanted, drank what we wanted, and swam the days away. When I returned home the scale was up nearly 7 pounds and that signaled to me it was time to reboot. I’ve been home a little under 3 days now and I have managed to shed 5.6 of the 6.8 pounds that I was up from the trip. I like to go back to basics when I want to restart my system. Here are some examples of what I will eat in a day:

  1. Premade chocolate or vanilla with 2 shots of espresso over ice.
  2. hard boiled eggs
  3. vanilla crispy square
  4. Zoodles with ground meat and mushrooms
  5. Grilled salmon with veggies
  6. a turkey burger patty wrapped in lettuce

These are a few of my favorite things. With the holidays upon us I know that I will be vacillating between following the reboots and eating some tasty things. The big thing I remind myself is to be gentle with myself because this is a life journey instead of something short lived. Have you had a similar experience?

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