Giving thanks

Non scale celebrations

My family and friends are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am a food addict. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we focus a large portion of our attention on what’s on the table (or in our belly.)

I am trying to change my focus because I will be 100% on protocol. So I am taking the time to enjoy my family and friends.

Yesterday I had a long drive home with my Mom and two of my nephews. We had a wonderful weekend with my brother and his family. We came through the mountains (we live in California and had gone to Nevada) and were greeted with a winter wonderland. What did we do? We pulled over and made snow angels and had a snowball fight…

So in celebration of Thanksgiving I am thankful for IP in giving me the energy and stamina to keep up with two little kids… and the ability to make MUCH smaller snow angels… (I was to embarrassed to make them before!) (FYI, no that is not me in the picture… we had technical difficulties taking pictures of Aunty!)

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