Prep and Plan

Prep days

For the past two weeks (my reboot phase 1) I have used Sunday as my prep day. Thought I would share what this means to me.

1) Making a grocery list. I open every drawer and check every shelf. I make sure all the food in my fridge is current… and see what’s missing. I have my standard list:
•liquid egg whites
•baby spinach

2)Then I look at my cookbook.
I used to ask my hubby what he would like for dinner… so far I have not found an official recipe for “whatever” but I am thinking about creating one!!!!

I try to plan my week around what I have in house. For example, I have a beautiful Turkey breast in the fridge that will be cooked tonight!!! Plan to use the older stuff first so it doesn’t get wasted.

3)Maybe this is me… but I actually plan my meals using the ingredients visually… so on my counter I have my turkey, seasoning, olive oil, lettuce (which I wash and chop on Sunday, place in a zip lock with a wet paper towel… I can make it last all week that way) and zucchini… now I know I have all the ingredients and can write down tonight’s dinner.


I find I am most successful when I do this. So on Wednesday night, which is typically my long day because of commute… I plan either a crockpot meal or “samiches” using IP bread… which is in my freezer!!!!

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