The making of an IP sandwich

My go to “bread”.

I have been making IP bread since my 3rd week. It helped me feel normal.

I used this recipe… and make it as a triple batch… couple of tips…

Make sure you blend the dry ingredients. You need the crispy cereal to be crushed and the baking powder fully incorporated. I throw all dry ingredients into my blender for 10 seconds.

I found the 4 inch spring form pans work best for sandwiches.

Each batch makes 2 spring form pans… each spring form pan makes a full bun… you cut it in half and toast.

I use 1 broccoli cheese soup and 2 potato purée plus the crispy cereal. I also use butter or Italian flavored olive oil.

Here is the link to Janeva’s recipe in Pinterest

Or use the Potato biscuit recipe on page 30 of the cookbook adding 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning.

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