Why we need to keep a food diary

When I first began IP, Janeva’s cookbook didn’t exist… nor did her web page. I was on Pinterest daily trying to make the diet feel more like food and less like a medically supervised weight loss program.

I lost weight… then the I found recipes… and low and behold Janeva paved away for bread to be not only delicious but 100% Phase 1 acceptable. So I baked… and my world rejoiced.

I baked on Sunday like a fiend. So a typical day would be breakfast: my chocolate drink mix and coffee, and egg with veggie. Lunch: salad with olive oil and lime, and a bit of grilled chicken. Snack: my peanut butter bar or a baked good.  Dinner: some kind of grilled or baked meat, a salad with olive oil/ apple cider & seasoning dressing, and a bunch of veggies. Dessert: a baked IP treat.

100% protocol… right????

But my weight loss was slow. Some weeks it was zero, and once in a while it went up…

I wanted to throw in the towel.. I would cry, look after my fitness pal which showed me at 900 calories… my three products.. and perfectly on protocol… so WTH????

This week I had a discussion with someone and it dawned on me what was happening. I was missing a very important piece. While I created the recipe on my fitness pal for the Muffins/cakes/breads… I was logging the recipe…not thinking about ingredients. All if these have oil.

Sometimes I would eat two desserts and a sandwich as my 3 packets a day… plus my two salads… um… that’s nearly 3 times my daily allotment of fats…

So, if you aren’t loosing… and maybe the scale shows a gain in fat… take a hard look at what you are really eating. I did… and low and behold I lost over 3 pounds of fat this week…

Changing the way I log my food. And working hard to be a little more honest with myself. One meal at a time.

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