Making the right choice

This last week has been the most frustrating week I can remember in my time on IP.

We are told, often, that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And boy was I tested!

I have been away from home most of the week. I had a 5 day business trip and a weekend with my Mom, sisters, and nieces for a baby shower.

I planned ahead! I bought veggies, I had my ready made drink mixes, a bowl, silverware, shaker bottle, mug cake mix and bars.

The meeting I was in was from 8-5 and they brought in breakfast and lunch, so we could keep working. Dinner was a group function. I spoke to the person in charge, explained that I was on Ideal Protein and was guaranteed there would be salads at each meeting.

Every salad came with dressing tossed in, eggs were swimming in cheese, and any healthy option was covered in either cheese or walnuts (allergic). So I had to heavily rely on my packets. Ok… I had brought enough… I could have something at dinner.

Checked into my room…no refrigerator or microwave… I did not book the hotel! They finally found a small refrigerator after I made them store my veggies in their fridge!

Dinner each night was in restaurant that struggled with dietary restrictions so I did my very best.

On Friday, before I left for my family trip, I weighed in. I stayed flat. Reminding myself that is actually a win.

Next up the trip with my family. I am very lucky that they are supportive. But the baby shower had not one thing I could eat. I drove 5 hours. Sat in a baby shower for 3 more… and I was hangry…. if I worked so hard all week for no loss… why was I fighting this? Why can’t I have the cake, pastries, gooey pink food all over the place???? Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I eating this diet bar when everyone else is proclaiming how wonderful everything tastes?

We got to the hotel at 11pm to find the sink had magically exploded, the microwave didn’t work… and the hangry became MUCH louder!

Today I found hard boiled eggs and sat to write this blog. I did it. I stayed on protocol to the best of my ability. I did not derail myself or give in to my very angry inner child. I did not starve. I am proud I stayed the course.

Today I can remind myself this is a lifelong process… and I am making really good choices for myself. It isn’t easy… but I feel better about myself for sticking to my plan!

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