Every day I’m Shuffling

Life is the bay area is fast paced and busy. I currently work two jobs which take me into four different settings, enjoying newly wedded life, studying for licensing exams, friend to many, and doggy and kitty mommy to two. Having phased off of Ideal Protein in August of last year, making sure I maintain my progress has also been a large part of my daily life. Every day is a choice. Every morning when I wake up, I want to plan out what I will eat and if I can squeeze in something physical. If I don’t walk at least 5,000 steps, I feel as though I have been too sedentary for the day.


Goal for today:

Avoid simple carbohydrates

Drink all of my water

Do something active: Going rock climbing later and taking Z on a walk

Cook double portions for dinner to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow


What are your goals for the day?

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