The art of distraction

I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I am sad.  I eat when I am happy.  I eat when I am bored.  Pretty much the only time I don’t eat is when I am mentally engaged in something that excites me… and then I forget to eat.

I am trying to work through this stuff.

One thing that helps is walking.  I can not multitask… I can not walk and eat at the same time… so I walk a lot.  I have a beautiful German Shepherd who loves this!

But what to do when walking isn’t an option?  Well, glad you asked!  Yesterday I was sitting still… and instead of eating, I painted my nails.  I tried to get creative, and it took a long time because I did layers that needed to dry… but for 2 solid hours…. I was happily engaged and not reaching for food!


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