And this is why I plan

today everything got away from me.  I ran out of lettuce, veggies ofcany kind… I couldn’t find my chocolate drink mix… I had meetings on top of meetings.  The dog had a vet appointment I nearly forgot.  My first meeting was at 7am and the last meeting ended at 5:30… so at 6 I was standing at the fridge… angry and hangry.

i figured out food… I had canned chicken (my emergency stash) a little egg white and some diced dill pickle… chicken patties in a jiffy… but this… right here… this is what I need to avoid.  Because I was gunning for some poor choices!  One thing saved me… I didn’t have any crappy food in the house!

And I will not go to the store starving!  So once I fed the beast who was threatening to come out… I felt better.  Bought some lettuce… made lunch for tomorrow… and received a painful reminder…

Plan… it’s what can make or break me.

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