Knowing when its time to reboot

Hello lovelies…Its been a little while since my last post because of a myriad of reasons, but the bottom line is, its time for a reboot. As I write this, Andrew and I are returning from our two-week honeymoon where we let go completely. I’d like to write and say we enjoyed every moment of indulgence, but the truth is we didn’t. The whales were amazing, the bald eagles stunning, but besides feeling sick from a cold, we also felt not the best from all the food we ate. So, just like we did when we were in Paris December 2015 before we made the commitment to start IP the first time, we made the commitment to reboot IP for the next couple months together effective tomorrow, Sunday, May 28th, 2017. We are nervous and excited because we both are feeling our clothes tighter and that is our 2 alarm signal to restart once more.

We will be weighing in weekly, I’ll be posting blogs with recipes, and we will keep each other accountable. Looking forward to being on this journey with Y’all again <3

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