Operation: make it easier has begun!

Pulling it together

After a really challenging week, I am making a date today to clean out all the crap. We have had company (including a bored teen), medical stuff, long hours, short fuses.

My house needs to be put in order. I am starting with my refrigerator. I know I need to go to the store to have good, healthy options… but first I need to figure out what I have. And I really need to chuck out the triggers…

Before and after pictures. Keeping in mind I don’t live alone (my Mom  shares a house with us and is not on program… at all) and I can’t throw it all out. I made a huge dent and all triggers are out of my site now!  (Mostly in the trash!!!)

Looks like I need veggies, lean protein, and to make some limes to squeeze on salads.

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