The art of distraction

I wake up every morning at 5am… rather, my pooch wakes me up to go out every day at OMG it’s early…

I start the day with my warm chocolate IP drink, num!  But by 7am… I need food!  But today… I know that I am going to be around a ton of temptation!  Eating all my food first thing in the AM is not going to work!!!!

Welcome to the art of distraction!  I sat down and painted my nails.  I decided to play, since it’s a holiday around here… my nails are fun… and WET!  I have at least an hour before I can touch anything!!!!

So the next time you are scavenging for food… and not really needing it… try painting your nails or giving yourself a manicure (clean your cuticles and rub in some olive oil and let it sit to soften the skin a little!).

For me, this is my art… and a fun distraction!


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