Valentine’s Day

Hello, lovelies; Coach Laura here. I wanted to send a quick blog post with a few tips on what to do on the holiday of love since much of it is tied to food. I know for myself personally, going out to restaurants can be a difficult feat to do and my husband and I are opting for cooking (Filets and broccoli) at home this evening.

Tips for success:

  1. If you do eat out, ask lots of questions of the waiter as to how things are prepared. You can order a steak or chicken, but you want to be careful about any sauce that may be on it, sugars etc. Ordering steamed broccoli or a dry salad can give you some added greens to whatever protein you select.
  2. Drinks-pack a water enhancer to add to your water or sparkling water; this is an easy way to make your drink pop and have a tasty finish.
  3. Movies-If you’re going to the movies I always bring southwestern cheese curls because there are many in the bg and it satisfies my popcorn craving.
  4. Dessert-Save one of your packets for dessert if you have a sweet tooth. The vanilla crispy square heated up for 5 seconds is lush! We also have the raspberry chocolate bar that you can have 1 SQUARE added for the day to have a little hint of chocolate with your phase 1. Note this is 1 square from the bar of 6-not the entire chocolate bar.
  5. Make it about the meaning instead of the food- Love notes, time with friends/loved ones, a massage, flowers, going dancing or watching a movie.


Anyhow, I wanted to include a couple of tips and share with each of you. Wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s Day and hope to see you soon at the clinic <3

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