Journey to find “me”

Good day! My name is ErikaRaquel, and I am a client at Reformation Body Solutions. I will be a new blogger here, so this time I would like to introduce myself and share.

I am a married mother to 4, a (mostly) stay-at-home-mom, who also picks up work on the side. I am currently on my second go of Ideal Protein.

I first tried Ideal Protein in 2014, after my friend and neighbor gave me a recommendation, and some treats (dill pickle zippers? Yummmmmm). I had been trying a keto diet for 2 months, but was beginning to feel nauseous all the time, thanks to the high fat intake. I had lost 20 pounds in those two months, but I was beginning to loathe food and eating.

Then I tried those weird looking IP treats my neighbor gave me…wow, they were delicious! She told me all about the huge variety of foods offered and gave me the contact info to set up my first appointment. I was sold before I went in.

I met weekly with Renee or Judy, and watched my energy levels increase and my weight drop. Even though I didn’t take a break from dieting, and didn’t need to “lose water weight” at first, I still lost 19.4lbs the first month…incredible!

I continued to lose 15-20lbs a month until I had decided to phase off, in anticipation of my upcoming wedding anniversary. I had celebrated and immediately sunk into a few and dark depression. I no longer felt incredible, energetic, positive, or hopeful. Was it the junk I had begun to eat? Was it the food poisoning I had gotten that kept making me so ill all of the time? Who knows.

I let a few years pass before my husband asked me if I would like to re-start. I jumped back on the wagon, and have not looked back.

I was once a thin and tall girl who gained a ton of weight during my pregnancies, and never lost any of it. I became this fat girl, always hiding from cameras and avoiding eye contact because I needed to hide my shame. Being on IP has given me a new sense of freedom and self worth. The coaches (Renée, Judy, and Laura) are so wonderful. They are my biggest cheerleaders and support (aside from my Mr), and it makes me feel like I’m finding “me” again. The thin, energetic, bubbly, enthusiastic, joyful, motivated, socially active, incredible girl that I now know is still in there. I’m losing weight, feeling great, and it shows. There’s a new confidence emanating from me, and people are noticing. I restarted IP on 12/11/17, and weighed in at 264.8lbs. I am getting ready for my weigh in today, but I feel great knowing that last Wednesday (2/28/18) I weighed in at 219.1lbs and I’m down several sizes.


I hope you’re all as excited to hear about my journey as I am about sharing it!

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