Phase 1 Protocol and How to Handle Deviations

*Interview with Dea Marie, health coach

Why do some people lose more weight the 1st week on Ideal Protein than others?

  • First week you are losing water weight and glycogen out of your muscles and everyone has different amounts. Very few people lose actual fat.
  • Don’t compare your loss with others.
  • This process can take 1-3 weeks
  • Tanita Scale can show fat and lean body mass
  • Measurements are taken to see how the body is changing: 2 spots on the arm, chest, below chest, belly button, hips, thighs, and where fingertips rest on the leg

How do I know I am in ketosis?

  • Some clients have bad breath
  • Energy returns, sleep has improved, not hungry anymore

Why don’t Ketosis strips work with Phase 1?

  • It will show up during the detox but it won’t show up later on
  • The strips are a very poor guide to ketosis
  • If you are following 100%, you will be guaranteed to be in ketosis

Does one bite kick you out of ketosis?

  • Yes one bite can kick you out, but it can be dependent upon what you eat and how your body responds
  • You are wasting a whole week of weight loss for one bite
  • It will make you feel poorly again since you will have to detox again

Why do I have to eat the Ideal Protein packet? Why can’t I just eat chicken or eggs?

  • We need the protein support. The packets are highly absorbable, pre-broken down protein with a lot less calories attached.
  • Average dieter needs 3 packets a day. You are getting anywhere from 300-450 calories in those 3 packets combined. You couldn’t eat 3 steaks with 15 to 20 grams of protein for only 400 calories.
  • We only use about 30% of the protein once we break it down, so there is a lot of waste.
  • Packets have full amino acids which creates the ability to burn fat.
  • Packets are scientifically derived for optimum health

Supplements: Why do we need them? What do they do for us? Why can’t we interchange them?

  • If you aren’t taking your supplements, you are deviating from the protocol
  • To burn your own fat, you are taking nutrients from your diet, it’s a must to make sure your body is supported
  • Ideal Protein knows exactly what is in its packets, the supplements make up the balance
  • If you are taking another brand, you can’t guarantee it’s the same quality and formula. The absorption rate may be different as well.
  • Clients who skip supplements experience less weight loss and have side effects. Fatigue, sleep issues, muscle aches, etc. can be side effects of not taking the supplements.
  • Don’t take them all at once, but they can be taken throughout the day. Your coaches can give ideas how to make the pills more manageable.

What advice do you give clients for Valentines Day? It’s just one day, can they take the day off?

  • It is not advised. Going off protocol for one day can flush your whole week.
  • Have a wonderful dinner that is on protocol. Focus on all the yummy things you CAN have.
  • Great red Ideal Protein foods: Raspberry Jello, Blueberry, Cranberry, Pomegranate Drink Mix, and the Branch Chain Amino Acid Drink Mix

Why do you need Branch Chain Amino Acids?

  • Branch Chain Amino Acid makes up most of our body after water. Important to body function and muscle support.
  • They are in all of the Ideal Protein products
  • Helps us maintain lean body mass which will ultimately help maintain your metabolic rate
  • It is not a product to increase muscle mass

What does alcohol do to our body while we are in ketosis?

  • Our liver cannot process the food we are eating and the alcohol
  • Can lead to you having a ketoacidosis reaction which is very serious
  • Alcohol will take you out of the game for a week or more

How do you make protocol sour gummies?

  • Dissolve your Ideal Protein jello in ½ cup (125ml) of really hot water
  • Add 1 tsp of gelatin and mix
  • Pour into candy molds, let set in fridge
  • Dust with citric acid
  • Can be eaten as a 4th product every other day

Any final tips for the holiday and for avoiding deviation?

  • Plan and prepare
  • Have support from your family and friends
  • Know your triggers. Avoid the places that have your favorite foods.
  • Don’t be scared to say no, self advocate
  • It’s ok to be picky at a restaurant and tell the waiter/waitress what you really need, be a self advocate
    • Easiest place to eat is a steakhouse
  • Tell your loved one what you really want. Give them a list of things that you can really use/want
  • Put yourself first

Packing for travel, what do you pack?

  • If you have time to go through a drive-thru, you have time to go to a grocery store
  • Prepacked veggies are handy
  • 2 unrestricted packets can replace 8 ounces of protein if in a tight bind
    • 5 packets would be eaten, only one being restricted
    • or 4 unrestricted packets with a 4oz hamburger patty
  • Be over prepared, over pack your food


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