Meal Prepping

Hi Everyone and Happy July!

Yesterday was meal prep Sunday for my husband and I. We recently purchased this on amazon:

and are excited to keep the momentum going. These reusable containers are BPA free, dishwasher and micro safe. I personally do not put plastic in the microwave, but this means you could.

Anyhow yesterday we made:

Zucchini noodles that we put in ziplocs until we are ready to sauté them.

Bison meatballs

grilled Chicken breast for salads

Seared ahi tuna (only once a week if you are on phase 1)

sautéed yellow and green squash.

I find that I am most successful when I plan ahead. This way I have my portions figured out and I’m not tempted to stop somewhere on my way for a quick snack etc. Hope this is helpful!

Happy cooking and meal prepping!

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